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All about Concealers & My Top Picks!!!

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Hello Gorgeous!! So, I know the struggle to find the best concealer when there are gazillions' of options available in the market. Hence, I have come up with my top concealer picks that will help you find your best!

These concealers are my tried and trusted and the reviews are based on my personal usage experience.

Pro Tip!!

Always Always Always!!! prep your under eye area! I personally feel our undereye area usually has "fine lines" and since the skin around is very delicate, applying a thin moisturiser or an eye cream will make a smooth base and act as a grip for the concealer. 
Also, if you happen to bake or set your makeup with a compact powder then, an eyecream acts as a moisturiser that hydrates and avoids any dryness or crusty looking skin.   

Tarte -  Shape Tape Concealer

The OGs! of concealers!! This one has been in the market from a long time and Surely you may have heard "the" rave about it. Now, I had a love - hate relationship with this little missy.

I bought this concealer because of all the buzz and hype created on the social media. So, When I tried this concealer for the first time, it made my under eye look very dry, so much so, that I could see my wrinkles that were not even there in the first place, "enhancing them!!!" and yes made the area look cakey too.

However, soon I tried it again but this time I prepped my under eye skin by using a thin layer of under eye gel (Clinique Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate) and gave it a go and, Voila!! Here I had the best looking full coverage eye seen so far.

The concealer has a thick consistency that gives you a full coverage and has a tendency to dry fast, so it needs to blend quickly. I suggest you again, to moisturise your under eye area well before applying this concealer to avoid any crusty- dry look.

I use this one only if I am going out on a dinner, a nights out or an evening event.


Very long Lasting

Do not move or budge

Gives Flawless coverage

Good quantity

Little goes a long way




Needs Prepping

Not for everyday use (you may use it though)

Dries quickly

Where to buy ?

Although, Tarte as a brand does not have any retail presence in the UK or in India. However, You can order the products from its official Website . The concealer costs £24 and you get 10ml.

Shade Selection

The concealer comes in 35 shades, offering Golden, Neutral and Pink Undertones. For your reference, I am in the shade Medium Sand 34S and Medium 35N.

I gravitate more towards the shade Medium 35N, as this one is closer to my complexion and it cancels out any darkness under & around the eye area. Whereas, the Shade Medium Sand 34s, is a tad bit lighter which I use on top, only if want to highlight.

I suggest to opt for shade Medium 35n (if you're in the shade mac NC 40) as this one looks much natural and could be worked easily.

Use A Makeup Sponge preferably a Beauty Blender for an even and airbrushed application.

NARS - Radiant Creamy Concealer 

I am so excited about this one. Nars Radiant Creamy concealer is one of my all time favourite, as this one has all the elements a good concealer should have.

As the name suggests "Radiant Creamy" the Concealer justify its name fully. A must buy!

The concealer has a medium coverage but can be build to achieve a full coverage upon its second application.

The best thing about this concealer is that it gives a very natural finish and doesn't look 'makeupy' at all. It melts into the skin like butter and gives that radiant "glowish" effect.

The formula on this one makes skin feel moisturised and somehow hydrated.

Hence, I highly recommend this concealer to all my dry skin girls.

Also, the drying time is not too fast the concealer blends easily and meshes into the skin like a dream.

This is my go to concealer, very comfortable to wear & does the job very well. Can be used with a brush or a makeup sponge. I often wear this to work and mostly at day events.


Blends Easily

Doesn't feel Heavy, Greasy or sticky

Luminous Finish

Long Lasting

For all skin type


Could have been more opaque for heavy under eye darkness. But, since the formula on this one is so forgiving on the skin, I can get away by not giving any remark here. Also, I can manage to cover the darkness upon its second application!!

Where to buy ?

Nars, the brand has its retail presence as well as it is available online in the UK. You can find Nars make-up counter in many mega stores in the UK. Such as :

John Lewis


Liberty London

Online :

The brand has not yet launched in India, however you can order it from

A standard bottle of this concealer is prized at £24 (6ml) and the mini at £13.

Shade Selection

The Concealer comes in 30 shades and comes in a mini size too. The shades on this are formulated by keeping the undertones of all skin complexion(shade) spectrum in mind, So, there's a shade for everyone!

For your reference I use shade Ginger and Caramel. My everyday shade is Caramel. I use Shade Ginger when I need that extra bit of highlight.

Too Faced - Born This Way Concealer

I have been wanting to try this concealer from a long time. But, has it ever happened to you, that when you go out with a mind to buy a particular product but instead, you end up buying something else?!? yes no maybe?!? This is "that" concealer to me!!

Now that I have my hands on this Concealer I am glad I made the purchase as It became my favourite in no time.

The concealer has a thick consistency, It is highly pigmented and is very hydrating on the skin.

It gives a full coverage however, you can achieve a medium coverage if applied in moderation.

One thing I did notice with this concealer, that it does not only conceals but it also brightens my under eye area (even though the shade that I use is closer to my skin tone).

I have also noticed my pores minimises whenever I wear this concealer dragged down towards my cheek area, whilst adding a luminous finish to my skin.

lastly, the product does not budge at all. ticks all the boxes for me :)


Gives luminous finish

blends easily

little goes a long way

long lasting

Good Quantity

Minimal Creasing


Yet nothing, I don't find anything "negative" about this beauty, does what it claims.

Where to Buy ?

The Brand Too Faced has its online presence both in India as well as in the UK.

In India you can purchase it from, retail price Rs.2000.

In the UK, you can find Too Faced stand alone stores as well as beauty counters at various retailers :

Boots (In-store and online),

Too Faced (Store and online)

NEXT beauty (In store and Online)

John Lewis (In Store and Online)

Retails at £25 and you get 15ml of product

Shade Selection

Good News!! Too faced born this way concealer comes in a total 35 shades and caters to most of the skin tones.

For you reference, I use shade Warm Beige, that is for medium complexion and has neutral undertones.

 NARS - Soft Matte Complete Concealer

OK!! So the last one ladies!! drum rolls :)

None other than my absolute go to "Nars Soft matte Complete" Concealer. I think every thing that NARS does is always spot on!!

Now, talking about this concealer in particular, it is a thick cream based concealer (Not oily at all), but blends almost like a liquid that gives natural & mattish finish.

Best thing about this concealer is, that it can be applied with fingers and is so easy to use, that you can carry it in your purse for quick touch-ups, and yes a very good product for spot concealing too!

The only downside I saw with this one is, that it creases a little towards the end of day.

Also, I don't see myself wearing this concealer on the days when my skin feels extra dry.


Blends Easily

Natural Finish

Good for every day use


Creases mildly

Where to Buy ?

For Indian reader you can buy NARS products from CULTBEAUTY.CO.UK

In the UK, NARS is available @ :

John Lewis (in-store & online)

Selfridges (in-store & online)

Liberty London

Online :

Retails at £24 and you get 6.2g of Product.

Shade Selection

The Nars soft matte concealer comes in 30 shades and again the brand aces in formulating the right undertones for their complexion products.

For your reference, in Soft Matte I use shade Caramel.

Have you tried any of these concealer? Which one would you pick out of all these?

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Jyothi Seerapu
Jyothi Seerapu
Oct 10, 2021

Very detailed and some great tips to follow


Kirti Mathur
Kirti Mathur
Oct 10, 2021

Nice choices, I would Like to try Tarte shape tape as you rightly said there’s a rave about this one. 🙂


Good review on tarte shape tape,

but it is not available in Pakistan. I will choose too faced born this way


Nice and detailed Review, to the point. thanks for Nars availability option. looking forward to some more.


Pooja Chahar
Pooja Chahar
Oct 08, 2021

Very informative and helpful Prachi. Quiet detailed and practical review which will actually come in handy for the readers/buyers . Looking forward to next one in the series.

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